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Set The Bar Sales & Distribution Ltd. is a well-qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable company with a proven performance history that has two main business divisions:

Sales Agency

Set The Bar is an agile, sales-focused agency offering customized sales representation relationships on behalf of select wine, spirits, beer and refreshment beverages suppliers & manufacturers to Canadian Provinces. We are registered with the majority of Provincial Liquor Boards and can help get your products in markets coast to coast.

We help navigate the various isolated Provincial rules and regulations to ensure you maximize your product launches. Set The Bar will use their established relationships and strong sales knowledge to drive growth for your brands with brand building, sales volumes objectives, and distribution in both retail and on-premise channels.

A sales partnership with Set The Bar is an ideal solution for companies looking for an effective route to market to deliver on your company goals and sales growth targets in new markets, while maintaining control on costs of growing your workforce.

Effective Representation For:

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STB Warehouse

In addition, Set The Bar is a licensed liquor and specialty beverage warehouse. Weโ€™re a sales-minded warehouse services provider that can help you enter the Saskatchewan market, as well as expedite your products to Saskatchewan retailers in a faster, more efficient manner.

Our excised licensed warehouse, located in Regina, Saskatchewan and can hold Special Order, Allocated, and Core SLGA listed inventory locally in market to ensure your sales orders are accelorated in comparison to sourcing outside of the Province. What normally takes weeks from sources outside Saskatchewan, Set The Bar Warehouse will fulfill in days.

We offer industry leading and simplified service rates that include efficient software for sales reporting and monitoring of your products for the entire life cycle of your product in our facility. We are continually looking to improve our services and will work with you to ensure we obtain and exceed depletion goals of your products through our warehouse.

Why Set The Bar?


Our approach is to work directly with our clients to ensure their brands are represented the way they want in market. Our team, in collaboration with your sales & marketing departments, will develop an individual sales strategy for each line of beverage alcohol we represent to make certain there is consistent messaging for each of your brands.

Our extensive experience and thorough knowledge of beverage alcohol sales in the Prairie Provinces, as well as our developing relationships in markets coast to coast in both retail and on-premise channels, will provide an effective route to market for your products. We provide agility within the market by being able to customize representation of your brands as required.
Our experience working with and managing all listing, marketing, and programming applications will ensure key customer deadlines are met. The combined experience of the management team with launching and managing portfolios of wines, spirits, beer, and refreshment beverages provides peace of mind that your brands will be effectively activated in market.
We provide strategic planning and execution of your distribution and sales targets to ensure the most effective route to market strategies for your brands. We provide competitive set monitoring with communication of new pricing and programming recommendations to keep your brands at the forefront in each market.





Set the Bar Sales & Distribution Ltd.

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